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We are working with Emergency Units across Wales to provide every family who loses a child suddenly with a plain white memory box containing;


*    A candle

*    Organza bags for hair cuttings

*    Ink less handprint kits

*    SD card

*    Paper and Pen

*    Small soft toy - elephant


These boxes are now in all 24hr Emergency Units and Critical Care Units here in Wales.

Baby gro’s and blankets are also provided and sets of pj’s for older children. Very often their clothing will have been removed and its important for parents to see their child looking clean and respectable after such loss. Its the initial moments after such tradegy that remain with a parent forever.. We also provide blankets and quilts for children to be wrapped in and for parents to gain some comfort from. 

Contact is made with lead nurses in each of the hospitals on a quarterly basis to check supplies and to monitor their use.

 Soft toy elephants will be provided for any siblings in the hope they will find comfort in having the same toy as that is in the box and left with their brother or sister.

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